Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Facts about Minecraft

1. Did you know that a chicken is the smallest animal in the game.
2.Did you know that Diamond is the strongest material used to make tools.
3.Did you know there are 16 colors of wool.
4.Did you know if you put a block of ice behind a block of ice it is invisible.
5.Did you know that cats scare away Creepers.
6.Did you know wolves don't attack Creepers.
7.Did your know Creepers and skeletons cannot see you through glass.
8.Did you know fish are easier to catch in rain.
9.Did you know all cows in Mincraft are female since they give milk.
10.Did you know endermen can teleport.
11.Did you know Zombies and skeletons will survive in water,even in daylight.

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